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Egypt Info

No country on earth boasts a longer recorded history than does Egypt, the eternal " Gift Of The Nile ", as described by the Historian Herodotus. A statement as true today as it has been throughout the fifty centuries of Egypt's extraordinary history.

One of the largest countries in the world, Egypt is a country of myths and mysteries, the cradle of ancient civilization with some of the most awesome monuments to be seen in the world.

Egypt occupies the upper northeastern corner of Africa with a population of approximately 85 million living mainly along the banks of the River Nile. The Nile flows north and empties into the Mediterranean Sea which forms the country’s northern boundary. Egypt is bordered on the south by Sudan, to the west by Libya and to its east by the Red Sea, and beyond the Sinai Peninsula, by Israel. The country encompasses about 626,000 square miles (1,002,000 square kilometers) and at its most distant reaches is 640 miles from north to south and 775 miles from east to west.

Egypt, the land of ancient civilization and of the promising bright future, invites you to one of the most enjoyable trips of your life. It is so easy to come or transit to Egypt. Situated at the crossroads of the world, Egypt is a vital junction for international air and sea traffic. You may enjoy a trip to Egypt; a trip both stimulating to the mind and pleasing to the heart, amidst immortal ancient monuments dating from some of the oldest civilizations ever created by man; Pharaonic, Greek, Roman Byzantine, early Christian and Islamic civilizations. With the beauty of its nature, its bright sunshine and its hospitable people, Egypt welcomes and invites you to a holiday of pleasure and enjoyment, teeming with culture, knowledge, information, and a wealth of unforgettable memories that you will glean on the banks of the Nile.

With a history spanning a period of over 7000 years, Egypt's rich and splendid culture retains an indisputable place in history books and ensures it holds a very special appeal and Certain Charm for visitors. A land of lush green vegetation, stark and quiet deserts; a country of humble villages, and also the cosmopolitan-metropolis of Cairo, are all the reflection of changing times.