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Facts About Egypt

Facts About Egypt


An exotic Egypt Holiday is something that anyone would want to experience. From the ancient days to our modern and advance era, Egypt has always been a dream destination.
With its amazing landscape, beautiful scenery and a vast number of pharaonic ruins attracting millions of yearly visitors. Once you are able to travel to Egypt you will never be wanting for anything more.
There is several travel information that are good to know just before you travel to this amazing country. By knowing these several basic information you can be sure that you get the best of what Egypt has to offer and without the usual inconveniences.
First remember that you can customize the tour, depending on what you want or need. This move will usually entail additional expense but usually it will be at a minimal amount if you inform your travel provider which sites you would want to visit. It will definitely help that you read ahead and know areas of interest that way you can ask your travel provider to arrange itineraries for you according to your wants. You may want to enjoy a side trip to the diving areas around the Red Sea or focus on the museums and other ruins from the usual tours.
Islam is Egypt's main religion and many of the people in Egypt are devout Muslim. Understandably there are many restrictions involving the Islam faith and tourists are urged to respect these restrictions. Muslims do not tolerate alcoholic drunkenness and pork; these are against the laws of Islam. Women travelers are discouraged to wear any revealing clothes, since Islam regards women with much respect. Pornographic materials are prohibited anywhere. And men are discouraged from conversing with an Egyptian woman especially if you don't know them personally. Know more about the culture and faith of the Egyptians from our information page.
When on an Egypt tour you will enjoy a culinary experience that is surely like no other. Egyptians are fond of serving salads, pita bread and assortment of other delicious food. Food preparation is generally safe, what tourists should be wary about is the tap water as its quality is quite low. Upset stomach is common when traveling so just be careful by bring with you bottled water. Enjoy this exotic and amazing country that is unlike any other travel to this dream destination today!

Egypt Tourism - Hope After the Revolution:

The demonstrations in Egypt have emptied the hotels and cruise ships, but the tourists are returning and most Egyptians hope the recovery will be quick. A large number of the population works in the tourism industry. There is hope that in the long run the revolution and its outcome will boost business.

With its year-round warm beaches and wealth of antiquities from the Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic - Islamic ages along with Contemporary art, Egypt has much to offer the tourist. Accounting for over a tenth of the GDP, Egypt earns over $10 billion from tourism annually.

Hotel occupancy Egypt sank after the unrest erupted on January 25th. Meaning that Egypt lost at least $1 billion in this important industry that employs one out of every 7 citizens.

Many countries including the US and Canada issued travel warnings to Egypt, causing the tourism industry to collapse for the short term. These are starting to be lifted so it is hoped tourism can get back on track. All the Tourist Sites such as the Egyptian Museum, the Saqqara and Giza Pyramids in Greater Cairo are open and look forward to entertaining the thousands of daily visitors they have in the past. Other sites and the Nile Cruises in upper Egypt including the Karnak temple and the world famous Valley of the Kings are waiting for the visitors to return.

Having just returned myself from a month in Egypt. Everything was back to normal. I was there 18 months ago before the demonstrations, and the only things I noticed different were that there was little security at the Royal Place (of course Mubarak is gone) and new businesses popping up everywhere. These entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the new beginning with no bribes in order to get a business license.

As a tour operator to Egypt we see this as the beginning of progress and improvements to bring the industry up to modern day standards. It should be noted this is not an excuse to treat Egypt as a discount destination due to the demonstrations. Prices have not reduced at the sites or Hotels and to enjoy a quality tour of Egypt you get what you pay for.
After 30 years of Dictatorship the country now has an opportunity to modernize and set new standards for its tourism industry. The people of Egypt are wonderful warm hearted people who make the most of what has been repressive living conditions. It is hoped that this new era will give them hope and opportunities they have never had before.

Tourism is a fragile industry easily shaken by various events, both natural disasters and manmade problems. We believe that there will be a pent up desire to go to Egypt, to many it is the dream vacation one they have dreamed of from hearing the history in school. Our clients tell us their trip was the dream of a lifetime. Egypt offers history and sites that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Tourism has started to return. Tourism supports the Egyptian population. Visit Egypt soon, there is nothing to compare. There is only one Egypt.