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Land Cruise Safari

Land Cruise Safari

Adventure and Recreation is quickly becoming a desired way of spending memorable vacations for people of every age group. If this adventure activity is like desert safari in Egypt then the thrill, fun and excitement touch the zenith.

Santa Claus Travel Egypt offers a wide choice of desert safari activities both in eastern desert as well as in western desert for the travelers seeking a truly magnificent and unique experience. The total silence and stillness of desert offers great challenging expeditions that require both physical and mental strength. However most of the desert safari tours in Egypt are short in time duration due to weather conditions but they leave you with a feeling of excitement.

Deserts of Egypt comprise of about 90 percent of total land surface and include Eastern or the Arabian Desert and Western or Libyan Desert. Eastern Desert lies east of the Nile river valley and stretches up to Red Sea. The main high point of Arabian Desert of Egypt is the series of ranges known as Red Sea Mountains. The two distinct areas of Eastern Desert include northern Al Ma'aza Plateau primarily made of limestone and the southern Al' Ababda Plateau.

The Western Desert of Egypt is much larger than Eastern desert and cover two third of Egypt land surface. Comprises primarily of limestone and Nubian sandstone, desert safari tour in Egypt of Libyan Desert is the main part of this adventure activity.